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We're Griffinclaw. We're a bunch of LARPers and STs making a good game happen. We run an all Werewolf LARP and we love to game. We're among the best around because we set such high standards for ourselves. If you think you can run with the pack then give us a howl.

All posts must meet the following requirements:

-Be respectful to all on the community. failure to do so will get your ass booted off.

-Remember to state whether your post is IC or OC. Aint my fault if you screw up and revel your entire plot to all the readers out there in LJ land.

-This aint your bitch post. If you got a problem with a ST or player take it up with them, not with the rest of us.

-Have fun.....or we'll kill you and make it look like an accident.

Evil Storytellers + Creative Players=Real Good LARP