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Griffin Claw Enterprises
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Sunday, June 19th, 2005
1:49 pm
Welcome back.
This is the LJ for the new Griffinclaw Vampire game. Use it as you wish players.



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Sunday, October 3rd, 2004
8:10 pm
Saturday, June 12th, 2004
12:02 am
Oh big fucking shock.
You are Ben!

Congratulations, you're the (old) man. Other ST's
may come and go, but you're too damned crazy to
get out of the position. You read too many
White Wolf books and will probably be buried
with them. The sad part is, you're perfectly
fine with this. Your dedication to game

Which Habit of Being ST would you be?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Monday, February 9th, 2004
12:11 pm
Guild opinion.
Instead of typing something new out I'm posting the message I sent across the Guild Yahoo Group today regarding the official Guild Opinion of the Griffin Claw LARP.

It's official and everything.Collapse )

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Friday, December 12th, 2003
1:27 pm
Monday, August 4th, 2003
5:49 pm
Just so we're clear.
Okie dokey lets just get things clear here. Rick, Brennan, Cloninger, and Mike(sorta) are STs, though from what I hear Mike is taking a break too.

I'm still going to be keeping a VERY close eye on the game. I'll probably even be returning before long, though I doubt as a ST. I however have absolute full confidence in the guys to be able to do their jobs and run a great game.

Until I see you again take care, and know that it has been my privelage to ST this great LARP of ours.


2:45 pm
Griffen claw update
Ok Folks. Now that we have had alittle shake up we have a few other things to take care of. the first is, me and Brennon would like to welcome Rick back into our group of ST's for the larp. ::chuckles:: Thinks are going to get interesting soon. So I hope every one is ready for a bumpy ride. So I hope to see everyone then again in two weeks.

Jason Cloninger
Sunday, August 3rd, 2003
7:43 pm
Steppin Down.
Effective immediately I'll be stepping down as ST for the game. Due
to personal reasons I'm not going into I no longer am able to donate
any time to the game. Please send any questions concerning the game
to one of the remaining STs.


Monday, July 28th, 2003
10:57 am
Saturday, July 26th, 2003
10:04 pm
Just in case anybody was wondering.
If you've been to WW's website you know the world has come to an end. The WoD is going to come to an end and Apocalypse is coming in January. Lets just go on record here and state that I SINCERELY doubt we'll be touching that plot with a 20 foot pole so rest safe in knowing your characters aren't gonna be wiped out just cause White Wolf said so.



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Monday, July 21st, 2003
1:06 pm
Hunter: the Rckoning
Ok listen up. I'm gonna be doing a Hunter: The Reckoning table top game starting the first Guild meeting of the semester. Which is in the end of August. Gonna be starting rund 5 p.m. and it'll probably run for about 2-3 sessions depending on how it goes.

Gonna do this game as a Tribute Game to one of the greatest horror films of all time: Night of the Living Dead. With the plot based loosely off that. Though it's not like you can watch the film and know what to expect or anything.

I'm looking for 5-8 players for this one, maybe more if I get the interest. Experience with Hunter is not needed but it's always a plus. Got only one house rule in that you don't get to start off with guns.

Wanna kinda get people who are interested signed up and their characters approved. If you got some questions then let me know.


Sunday, July 20th, 2003
12:22 am
Monday, July 14th, 2003
1:12 pm
The Rules of the Contest
Ok just so we're all clear here I'm gonna lay down the official rules for the Galliard competition:

IC Rules:

1. Each contestant will be giving as much time as they need to present their act. Anybody who tries to disrupt the competition can expect 4 angry Galliards to deal with.

2. Each contestant may name 1 judge. In the event of a tied decision the Alpha may intervene and name another.

3. Winner gets his/or her glorious deeds sang at the Caern. Losers get to do the singing. They'll also likely be a large Renown award going along with this.

OOC Rules:

1: Some of the performances WILL be good, count on it kids. As such your characters might get emotional. Do NOT throw challenges in the middle of a performance. Nothing sucks more than having to stop mid-song to play Paper/Rock/Scissors. Anybody who interrupts a performer for game mechanics is getting their Exp for that night GIVEN to that performer. You can make your challenges AFTER the perfomer is done. In character interruptions, are allowed but you can imagine it'd better be good.

2: No out of character chuckling, giggling, or disrupting of the performers will take place. Those not mature enough to participate in this scene are not mature enough to be in our LARP, it takes guts to get in fron of everyone and try to be artistic. Do also note that attendence to this thing is NOT mandatory, if you'd rather be off killin Wyrm shit then go ahead.

3: This thing will probably take place once all 4 contestants are at the game. If anyone drags to far behind it'll be going at around no later than 8 pm.



Current Mood: amused
Thursday, July 10th, 2003
12:44 pm
Some time in August I'm gonna be doing a Hunter: The Reckoning demo. If you want in let me know.



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Wednesday, July 9th, 2003
6:06 pm
Website update.
Website got updated. Yeah I know I forgot to mention that Bear adopted the Caern and all.....but is it really THAT important? I mean come on, it's just a Caern and the ubber most important location in the game. Anyone could forget that right? Rigt?

Oh yeah don't forget next game is the Galliard Competition. There will be singing and poetry involved, probably.



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Monday, July 7th, 2003
2:43 am
Well darn.
Ahh...alas Snarl is finally dead. Kinda neeto that it took like 5 people to take him down...

Current Mood: Wanting to kill things.
Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
2:25 pm
IC: I wanna know who did it!!!!
IC: Ok pups I wanna know which one of you traitors told the damn Wyrm where I live and work! My law office is in shambles and my wife is in a damn coma! I swear by Lunas light I will find out who did this and nail their hide to the wall.

Black Furies I'm lookin your way too. The attackers left two things a Jack of Spades for all that means and a note saying "Give us the nun!" Had EMTs not gotten to my wife in time she'd be dead right now.

NEVER cross a Silver Fang!

Michael Dawnsinger Reynolds

OOC: Neil got the FAQ on the website fixed. Might wanna look it over.



Current Mood: Oh yeah he's pissed
Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
11:01 pm
I challenge you!
I hearby challenge Gabriella "Sings with Angels" for the title of wyrm foe. And considering what position it is I feel at a combat is in order.

Snarl Thunderfist
10:44 pm
I challenge.
I challenge Loose Tongues of the Bone Gnawers for the position of Lore Keeper for the Sept of the Open Heart.

That being said I hearby pledge my allegience to the Caern and it's defense.

Michal Dawn Singer.
Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
11:45 am
Liten up cause you'll like this.
Ok here's the deal, we're gonna start giving out an exp prize each
game for people who come in costume. Whoever comes in costume each
game gets entered for the prize. We'll hold a drawing at the end of
the night. It has to be a DECENT costume no "Well my guy always
wears just jeans and t-shirt." Examples are Kats habit, Jessicas,
gothy clotes, even a "Joey jacket" will work.

The prize will range depending on how many people we got in decent
costume each night. In fact for each person who comes in costume
we'll give 1/2 an exp to the winner. That'll make things fair. After
a while if it catches on we'll set a maximum but for now that's how
we'll do things. But just to be certain STs and STs alone get to
decide what constitutes a costume.



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